GS-F is looking for highly motivated and qualified professionals who are able to work alone or as part of a team in diverse and often adverse environments. GS-F employees are committed and dedicated to provide expert knowledge, empowering partners through extensive experience, subject matter expertise and training delivery skills at the very highest standards.

Our subject matter experts must have in depth knowledge and a deeply rooted passion for the service they provide with the ability to improvise and maximize resources and skills, being capable of designing activities that fulfill the strategic and operational needs of our partners.

GS-F Team Members must be able to measure and assess the needs of the partners through in depth analysis. Strong interpersonal and communication skills along with cultural awareness, which allow for an in depth understanding of local, national and regional needs are essential. Additionally, problem solving skills, building and maintaining relationships as well as efficient service delivery are considered critical elements.
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Physical and psychological robustness, as well as cultural intelligence are key to work in adverse and culturally diverse environments.

Furthermore, a strong work ethic and excellent preparation and organizational skills with the highest expectations of performance and outcomes are essential requirements.