GS-Foundation offers: Hands-on capacity building and training (basic to specialized) in the areas of border management, organized crime, trafficking, public order management, forensics, criminal investigation, countering terrorism, countering piracy, protection of human rights, countering/preventing domestic violence, Mentoring, Advising, implementation of reforms, national and international development plans, Policy development and implementation, International collaboration.

The European Union’s 2016 Global Strategy and the UN’s 2030 Agenda provide the basis for our organizational activities with their respective dimensions.

It is our aim to contribute to the continuous development of a politically legitimized, accountable and professional security sector as a contribution to the protection of the global population, while involving civilian society to attain that aim.

Working with civil society fosters trust by the population into security authorities and the government and is a critical element in order to ensure long-lasting peace.

In its work, GS-Foundation also actively considers the concerns and roles of women, girls and the youth population.

On behalf of the international community in line with the international good practices/ internationally recognized good practices and through the provision and empowerment of strong national ownership, GS-Foundation would like to assist governments in their maintenance of peace, security and stabilization.

Building of functioning police authorities and military that are operating in accordance with the rule of law is key to stabilizing and managing conflict in crisis situations. We possess the expertise to enable national and regional authorities through capacity building to act within the guidelines of democratic, human rights abiding and gender-based principles.

Our vision is to achieve through reform or strengthening of governmental structures that will enable a safe environment for a peaceful co-existence and the establishment and fostering of trust into security authorities.

The fight against transnational organized crime, such as drug smuggling (or trafficking), money laundering, human trafficking, illegal arms trading and international terrorism remains one of the biggest national and international challenges for societies. Organized crime and terrorism particularly affects nation states with weak governmental or administrative structures and therefore threatens their stability.

GS-Foundation has the ability to assist in knowledge transfer of best international practices for the development of key capabilities ensuring maximum effectiveness and the highest standards of professionalism.