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Appointment of Managing Director Thomas Vogel

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Thomas Vogel was appointed as the Managing Director of the GS Foundation in September 2022.

With his distinct expertise in foreign security policy he worked as an advisor in the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin prior to this appointment. His special areas of focus were the security policy of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and its field missions in Eastern Europe and South Caucasus.

From 2007 -2014 he worked in Brussels as an advisor to German members of the European Parliament on key agendas of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and several Parliamentary Cooperation Committees.

Thomas Vogel is a senior expert in security sector reform processes, conflict management and prevention and arms control. He fully embodies the values of integrity and respect as a leader. In the discharge of his international assignments he commits to the principles of local ownership and trustful partnerships.

He can be reached under: