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We’ve hit the ground running – Implementation of the National Guard project in Ukraine begins successfully

Our National Guard project was officially approved on March 1, 2024 and we were able to make significant progress right away. Hitting the ground running, we were able to procure an urgently needed medical complex and hand it over during our last visit. Günther Freisleben personally traveled to Ukraine at the beginning of April to hand over the medical complex at an official ceremony. During the ceremony, he received a Ukrainian flag on which injured patients who are being rehabilitated with the help of the medical complex expressed their gratitude and good wishes. 

The latest attacks have once again shown us how urgently our support is needed. The GS-Foundation works closely with Ukrainian partners to realize projects like this that have a direct and positive impact on local people. This first, successful step in the National Guard project is a strong sign of our commitment to act quickly and effectively. 

We thank all supporters and partners who have made this rapid progress possible and look forward to the next steps! 


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