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Join a Team Committed to Global Security and Excellence

Embark on a career with purpose at the GS Foundation, where we offer more than just jobs – we provide pathways to make a real difference in the world. Our team comprises visionary strategists, dedicated professionals, and passionate advocates for change, all working together to enhance global security and governance. Each role in our organization focuses on providing expertise in advisory, training, and technological support. Here, every contribution is valued, and every task performed is a step toward a safer, more just international community. Explore opportunities to join our mission and take your place at the forefront of transformative work that crosses boundaries and defies expectations.

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Shape the Future with Your Expertise

At the GS Foundation, a wealth of career opportunities await those aspiring to significantly impact global security practices and governance reforms. Here, you’ll find a dynamic career environment where your expertise contributes to meaningful projects, and your personal growth is intertwined with our collective success. From seasoned experts to emerging talents, we offer a platform where every career trajectory is oriented towards innovation, collaboration, and enhancing communities worldwide. Whether you’re starting out or looking to leverage your experience in a new and rewarding direction, discover the possibilities that await you at the GS Foundation.



Forge Your Path in Global Security and Development

Join the ranks of those dedicated to shaping a safer, more just world. The GS Foundation is currently seeking dynamic individuals to fill several key positions within our organization. We offer a platform for those who wish to positively influence global security and governance. If you are driven by purpose and eager to contribute to meaningful change, explore our available career opportunities and envision your future with us.

International Security Analyst

As an International Security Analyst at the GS Foundation, you will delve into geopolitical trends, assess risks, and provide critical insights that shape our security initiatives. Your analyses will inform strategies that impact international policy and aid in the development of safer communities globally.

Cybersecurity Training Specialist

As a Cybersecurity Training Specialist, you’ll lead cutting-edge training programs that empower organizations and governments to fortify their defenses against digital threats. Your expertise will be instrumental in building resilient infrastructures and knowledgeable teams.

Partnerships Manager

The GS Foundation seeks a Strategic Partnerships Manager to cultivate and manage relationships with our diverse network of global partners. You will be at the heart of our collaborative efforts, expanding our reach and enhancing our collective impact on international security.



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