Areas of Expertise

Democratic Governance and Resilience in the Security Sector

The challenges surrounding peace, security, and good governance are becoming increasingly complex in our ever-changing world. With this in mind, the GS Foundation is committed to strengthening democratic governance within the security sector of countries affected by instability or conflict. We work closely with governments, international organisations, NGOs, and private stakeholders. Our highly qualified experts develop solution-oriented approaches tailored to specific national and regional contexts. To ensure the sustainability of our projects, we place great emphasis on local ownership and responsibility. We adopt a holistic approach involving all stakeholders in the security sector, including civil society. Our overarching goal is to strengthen public confidence in national security institutions.


Promoting Stability Through Comprehensive Support Measures

At the core of our mission is the promotion of stability. Through our tailored projects, we address the root causes of instability and help build trusted, community-centred security institutions. In doing so, we establish conditions conducive to political and economic growth and foster an environment in which citizens can feel secure. We are particularly committed to increasing the participation of women in the security sector and explicitly addressing theirspecific security needs.

Safeguarding National and Public Security Through Expertise and Collaboration

We provide highly specialised expertise in the development and implementation of national security strategies, laying a sustainable foundation for the advancement of both national and public security. We facilitate regional cooperation between security stakeholders and provide advice for international collaboration, including partnerships with INTERPOL.

In addition, our senior experts provide operational support in assessing technical equipment needs and updating training plans for individual agencies.

Integrated Border Management: Strategic Consultation and Implementation

In our increasingly globalised world, effective border management that respects human rights is essential. We provide comprehensive advice on tackling serious crimes and threats at national borders, including human trafficking, drug smuggling, and terrorism, while always emphasising the fundamental importance of human rights.

Our in-depth strategic expertise helps authorities formulate and implement holistic border management strategies. This includes organisational and technological measures, such as modernising border control systems or improving data management and communication tools.

In addition to strategy development, we provide extensive support in procuring the appropriate equipment, from new technologies to specialised training programmes for staff. This ensures that our partners can manage their borders efficiently, securely and in accordance with international human rights standards.

Fight against Organized Crime, Terrorism, and Piracy: Strategic and Operational Support for Enhanced Security

Given the significant impact of organised crime, terrorism, piracy and related phenomena on national security, addressing these issues remains a strategic and operational priority for many countries affected by instability or conflict. The GS Foundation is committed to strengthening the capacity of national security agencies to prevent, detect and investigate these complex and interrelated threats.

With our extensive expertise, we provide advanced training programmes and technological solutions to enhance investigative capabilities, always to the highest international standards. We also work closely with regional and international organisations to promote cross-border cooperation and information sharing to better address these multifaceted challenges.

We also advise on the formulation and implementation of national and regional policies that address root causes and enable long-term solutions. This multidimensional approach enhances immediate response capabilities but also contributes to building a safer, more stable and more resilient societal framework.

Women, Peace, and Security: Comprehensive Consultation for the Implementation of UN Resolution 1325

Equal participation of women and men in decision-making is a cornerstone of our consultancy services. We go beyond gender issues to consider many social dimensions, including ethnicity, age, religion, and sexual orientation.

Our holistic approach enables us to identify and address the specific and diverse security needs of different population.  In addition to addressing gender-specific security needs, we offer expertise in the implementation of  UN Resolution 1325, which advocates for women’s participation in peace processes and security matters.

By applying this comprehensive methodology, we contribute to the design of more inclusive and effective security solutions,  thereby advocating for a sustainable improvement in the security landscape for all citizens.