International Projects

The Gambia

Training on the Job

On behalf of the “Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit” (GIZ), an On-the-job Training was conducted for police officers in Gambia in four selected model police stations. The aim was to strengthen and promote the police officers in their daily job and policing activities. The Gambian police is grateful for the support and advice by German experts. A continuation of the project in 2023 is envisaged.

Project leader: Roland Trevisan – Former police officer of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg with broad mission expertise in different countries in Afrika.

Kingdom of Cambodia

Modernization of police training

On behalf of the German Foreign Office, the GS Foundation is working to improve the capabilities of the police in Cambodia by creating modern training standards in the National Police Academy. This is intended to contribute to a modern police force that acts as a citizen-oriented authority and enjoys the trust of citizens, operating on the basis of the rule of law and human rights. In Phnon Penh, for example, the modernization of the curriculum and the training of police instructors are to be advanced. Likewise, the national police academy will be supported by various equipment with specialized materials.

Project leader: Gary Menzel – Retired police director of the state of Berlin with various management functions of the higher service in the field of training and the management of several local police stations.

Republic of Moldova

Strengthening of the Border Police

To improve the aerial surveillance of the Moldovan border, an airborne surveillance unit is being established at the Moldovan border police. The project, implemented on behalf of the German Federal Foreign Office is primarily designed with the goal of preventing illegal migration, terrorist threats and combating trafficking of human beings, drugs and weapons. Drones and satellite imagery will be components, that are analysed and processed within that new operational unit.

Project leader: Klaus Kandt – Retired police commissioner of Berlin, with many years of experience in the field of special units and the management of police authorities. Most recently, he was State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior of the state Brandenburg.


Republic of Moldova

Support for the National Police

On behalf of the German Federal Foreign Office, the GS Foundation offers support to the Moldovan National Police in the field of crime prevention. With this project, the GS Foundation will contribute to public security in Moldova and sustainably strengthen the national police in order to counter the dangers arising from the increasing number of illegal activities such as arms and drug smuggling, human trafficking, but also hybrid threats. Technical equipment, training and advisory services are to help the National Police to act more effectively in the future, both preventively and operationally. A particular focus is on improving the ability to react to the identification, handling and defusing of explosive objects. The police’s ability to act and effectiveness in dangerous situations is also to be strengthened. The GS Foundation will help the Moldovan National Police to implement the EU requirements on gender equality.

Project leader: Klaus Kandt – Retired police commissioner of Berlin, with many years of experience in the field of special units and the management of police authorities. Most recently, he was State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior of the state Brandenburg.

Federal Republic of Nigeria

Implementation of the Democratic Police Reform

The aim of our Nigeria project is to implement together with UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) the national police reform in Nigeria based on the presidential degree. Our expert team on the ground advises the National Police Reform Office PORTO and the Nigerian Police Force. The following measures, among others, are on our side’s program: support of the Nigerian Police Academy in modernisation of curricula and recruitment procedures, training of police executives, delivery of equipment for academies as well as the promotion of interaction between police and citizens. The long-term goal is to establish a modern and community-oriented police force that can contribute to the stabilization of Nigeria and sustainably improve the rule of law and compliance with human rights standards.

Project leader: Matthias Seeger – Retired police officer of the Federal Police in various leadership positions, in his latest position serving as Federal Police Commissioner until 2012.

Republic of Ukraine

Enhancing the Resilience of Ukrainian Security Authorities through the GS Foundation

The GS Foundation is committed to sustainably bolstering the resilience of Ukraine’s security authorities. Through a German-Ukrainian partnership, and in collaboration with EUAM, we are developing specialized training programs. These programs aim to cultivate forensic and criminological capabilities for the investigation of homicide cases linked to war crimes, thereby ensuring evidence-based, sound investigative work. Furthermore, we are implementing international standards in the realm of police explosive ordnance disposal. To support the Ukrainian National Guard, we are also providing appropriate protective , non-lethal  equipment for their own safety.

This initiative aims to reinforce Ukraine’s security structures to make them more resilient against acute threats. The project is designed to ensure robust, evidence-based criminal prosecutions and hold responsible offenders accountable in court.

Project leader: Lars Wagner – Deputy Commissioner Crime ret. with many years of international experience. Most recently: Head of the Faculty for International Police Relations at the German Police University (DHPol) in Münster.