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We are guided by the stabilization concept of the Federal Foreign Office. Foreign and security policy concept for an integrated action for peace – Shaping stabilisation

06/05/2024 - Project Update

Our follow-up projects in Ukraine and Moldova have been approved. We look forward to providing further support to the national police forces.
We can also announce a newly initiated gender project for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. This will enable us to further strengthen the role of women in security institutions.

13/05/- 24/05/2024 – Project Update

Further on-site visits to Ukraine and Moldova are planned. On the one hand, our COO will be travelling to Chisinau for the first time, and on the other, an initial exploration of the gender project in Kiev will be undertaken. Updates will follow.

06/05/2024 – Organisation Update

We encourage Senior Experts who are interested to cooperate with the GS Foundation to apply for our Expert Pool. For more information, please visit: Work With Us – GS-Foundation