Mission Statement

Promoting Resilience and Democratic Security Governance for a Stable Future

The GS Foundation is a German-based non-profit organisation that specialises  in building effective, accountable, and democratic security infrastructures in countries affected by instability or conflict. Our work is aligned with the German Federal Government’s 2019 Strategy for Security Sector Reform and aims to foster  resilience and sustainable stability in our partner countries.

Our teams of global experts are primarily composed of former senior security officials. We are committed to upholding internationally accepted human rights standards and the concept of human security. We focus our efforts on addressing the security needs of all citizens, regardless of gender, age, or social background.

The wide-ranging project activities include advising on national reform and security strategies, specialised training and equipment programmes for civilian security forces and promoting open and constructive dialogue between security agencies and civil society.

Through this multi-pronged approach, we help to build not only institutional resilience but also public confidence in security institutions, thereby shaping an inclusive and democratic security architecture for the future.