Delegation visits from Ukraine and Moldova on the occasion of the European Police Congress

The GS Foundation has had an exciting week!

On the occasion of the European Police Congress, we welcomed and supported a high-level delegation from Ukraine and Moldova in Berlin.
Led by Ms Kateryna Pavlichenko (Deputy Minister of the Interior), the Ukrainian delegation included the Head of the National Police, as well as the SBU and the SSU.
The Moldovan delegation was led by State Secretary Daniella Misail-Nichitin and included the National Police and the Police Academy.
In addition to in-depth discussions and contributions to the main programme and expert panels, we were able to work together on a deeper understanding of our partners’ needs.

In view of the continuing tense situation in Ukraine and the effects in Moldova, it was of central importance to shed light on the civil security authorities in both countries.

It was an honour to host and support the delegations. We look forward to the next visits to Kiev and Chisinau!

We would like to thank the organisers of the Congress for giving us this opportunity. A big thank you also goes to the German Federal Foreign Office, which provided us with important support.


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