Exploratory Talks with Moldovan Partners

In the week from 7 to 11 August, the team in Moldova was on site with a larger delegation to hold various meetings with Moldovan project partners.

Under the leadership of projectleader Klaus Kandt, numerous visits were on the agenda. Firstly, the progress of the current project was discussed with the Border and National police. Contacts with the Police Academy and the Ministry of the Interior were also intensified.

The GS Foundation had the pleasure of meeting the newly appointed Interior Minister of Moldova, Adrian Efros, and was able to impress upon him the importance of the Foundation and the ongoing projects.

The GS Foundation is committed to keeping in close and constant contact with the partners we work with. This enables us to respond directly to the needs of our partners, implement them in a sustainable manner and to build trust. Our support is based on joint work, including by our experts on the ground. This is the only way to ensure long-term success for the benefit of both parties.

We look forward to further activities in the projects and to the commitment of the Moldovans!

The project is being implemented and financed on behalf of the German Federal Foreign Office.


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