Further implementation of the Nigerian Police Reform

The presidential decree gave a further boost to Nigeria’s Police Reform last year. In this context, new activities are being planned at the beginning of the year to further strengthen the security institutions in Nigeria and to achieve new goals.
Our GS Foundation delegation, led by Gerd Baltes, Klaus Peter Kilian, Peter Heepen and Eddy Ob, met with the Deputy Inspector General (Frank Mba) to discuss the needs of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) training facilities and how we can support the facilities with specific training equipment.

Secondly, they visited the Gender Unit of the NPF and met with Rita Oki (Deputy Commissioner Gender Issues), SP Yetunde Onanuga and trainer Mavi to debrief on the recent Women Leadership Course and to look forward to upcoming gender projects. Together, we see it as our responsibility to empower women in the security services and move closer to gender equality.

The agenda also included intensive discussions with our project partner, UNDP, to look ahead to the challenges of the new year. For example, closer cooperation with the Office of the National Security Advisor (ONSA) is being sought.

We look forward to the new year and to making progress with our local partners.


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