Gender-Program “Train of Trainers” successfully completed

Our two-week training program on gender equality and gender-responsive policing has now finished. Around 20 participants are successfully certified by the National Police and are now in a position to offer their own training courses in the future.

Mr Cernauteanu (Head of GPI) took part in the farewell ceremony and showed his enthusiasm for the work of the GS Foundation. He described the Foundation as “the strategic partner of the GPI in 2023” and went on to say “the most dedicated strategic partner of the GPI in the last 5-6 years”.

In terms of content, modules such as “Coordinated policing in addressing gender-based violence and promoting gender equality” and “SSR and gender-responsive policing gender mainstreaming” were covered.

At the end of the gender module, the gender study and gender training for the press office will now follow.

We are delighted with the great collaboration with the Gender Association and look forward to working together in the future!


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