GS Foundation activities with new Chief of Police in Nigeria

In February 2023, a new president was elected in Nigeria. The election was won by the challenger Bola Tinubu, who had previously been governor of Lagos State. This ended the term of Muhammadu Buhari, who had been in office since 2015. Shortly after taking office, the new president also appointed a new Police Chief Egbetokun Olukayode Adeolu in early June. The person in the position of Inspector General of Police is considered a key figure in the context of police reform in the country.

Against the backdrop of these far-reaching political changes, the project team of GS Foundation will support various projects in Abuja in the coming months. While being in constant exchange with UNDP and our project partners (stakeholders) on the ground, our activities include advising on capacity building of the Police Reform and Transformation Office (PORTO), which is based on an initiative of the last president and is now to be further strengthened.

The main objectives of PORTO are to effectively coordinate activities, monitor and evaluate them, and to act as an information hub for police reform in general. In addition, our project team is preparing two leadership trainings, one of which is specifically dedicated to the promotion of women, who have so far been underrepresented in the higher positions of the National Police. Furthermore, it is planned to renovate more police colleges and equip them with office and IT infrastructure.


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