GS Foundation at GCTF Regional Conference on Strengthening Cooperation against Terrorism


How should investigators and public prosecutors cooperate across regions in the fight against terrorism? What framework conditions must be in place?

GS Foundation Managing Director Thomas Vogel explained these central questions based on the obligations and institutions created on  EU level. But he mentioned also concrete examples from the practice of the security authorities in Germany during his presentation at the panel of the West Africa regional meeting of the Global Counterterrorism Forum GCTF in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), end of March. Hosted by UNODC and led by Germany and Algeria, the working group meets several times a year at expert level to discuss concrete aspects of counter-terrorism cooperation in West Africa. The panel with our Managing Director also included the Minister of the Interior of the Central African Republic, a presiding judge from Burkina Faso and a terrorism expert from UNODC. Over a hundred experts from more than 40 countries and multilateral organisations attended the conference.


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