Moldau_Großes Treffen mit Innenministerium

Moldova – German Federal Foreign Office – Border Management – Equipping Of The Border Police

In May 2022 the German Federal Office hosted an international donor conference for Moldova at which donors pledged EUR 695.5 million. Germany pledged considerable support for Moldova, among which is the support for Moldova’s border management capacity. In manifestation of this commitment, the GS Foundation designed tailored solutions for the enhanced management and security of Moldova’s borders.

In partnership with the Moldovan border police and funded by the German Federal Office, our team in Moldova procured technical equipment to strengthen the infrastructural readiness of our Moldovan counterparts. The technical equipment consists in particular of document checking devices and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) -Technology.

To that end our Managing Director, Thomas Vogel, met with the Moldovan Minister of Interior, Ana Revenco, on 14 November to assess further priority challenges and opportunities of cooperation.

Our Team Leader of this project in Moldova, Klaus Kandt, will continue to work closely with the Moldovan border police.


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