Official Handover in Moldova

Our official handover of technical equipment to the Moldovan National Police took place on 24 January. Together with the German Ambassador, Margret Maria Uebber, we were able to look back with pride on the successes of 2023 and look forward to providing long-term support to the National Police. 
The event was also attended by the Minister of the Interior, Adrian Efros, the Chief of the General Police Inspectorate, Viorel Cernăuțeanu, and our representative, Klaus Kandt.

During the event Viorel Cernăuțeanu expressed gratitude to the foreign partners for their support:
“I am grateful to the German authorities and the GS Foundation partners for providing continuous support in the process of implementing European standards in police activities. I am confident that such joint activities in the policing field will continue in the future.”

Together, we have already made an important contribution to improving the daily working conditions of police officers and strengthening institutional capacities to counter potential security threats.


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