Project development in Moldova- on a visit in Chisinau

Between 20th and 24th February 2023, a GS Foundation delegation led by the Managing Director Thomas Vogel, Head of the Moldova Project Klaus Kandt and two senior experts went to Chisinau, Moldova. The aim was to secure agreement on a number of projects between the foundation and the Ministry of Interior, General Police Inspectorate and Moldovan Border Police. 

The delegation was able to identify a number of key areas where the GS Foundation will become a major contributor to country’s security sector reform strategy.  This includes enhancing Border security by providing advanced drone technology with the aim of creating an integrated border surveillance capability. The second project is to increase the effectiveness of the national police by delivering specialised training and equipment to police departments ensuring democratic policing  methods are the forefront of the country’s policing strategy.

The foundation was able to secure agreement in a number of key areas to develop the National police and Border Services. Along with the acknowledgement that a permanent presence in the country by the foundation’s experts will ensure closer cooperation and coordination with counterparts, complement other international donors’ activities and support the long-term aspirations of Moldova’.


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