Project progress in Moldova

During a working visit to Chisinau in the week of June 12th, GS Foundation Director Thomas Vogel and Projectleader Klaus Kandt and his team met the Moldovan partners from the Border and National Police and the Ministry of the Interior.

The focus was on the progress made in the individual projects. To this, the team met with both the Chief of the Border Police, Rosian Vasiloi, and the acting Head of the National Police, Alexandru Bejan.  There was an intensive exchange about the current security policy situation, the needs of the police forces and planned training and further education measures.

Significant progress is already being made in both projects. The Border Police set up a working group to set up the planned air surveillance unit. The National Police has defined their needs for a more effective fight against crime and the implementation of the EU Gender Plan and are in the final coordination processes with us.

In close consultation with these partners and the Moldovan Ministry of the Interior, we want to ensure sustainable project success and achieve the goals we have set together.


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