Start of the second project in Moldova: Strengthening of the National Police

On behalf of the Federal Foreign Office, the GS Foundation will support the Moldovan National Police in the area of crime fighting.

Die Republic of Moldova is particularly hard hit by the economic, humanitarian and security impact of the Russian war of aggression on neighboring Ukraine. The government elected in 2021 has countered this with a wide-ranging reform program and also wants to promote Moldova’s EU integration.
With this project, the GS Foundation will contribute to public security in Moldova and strengthen the national police in the long term in order to counteract the dangers arising from the increasing number of illegal activities such as arms and drug smuggling, human trafficking, but also hybrid threats. Technical equipment, training and advice shall help the national police to be able to act better preventively and operationally in the future. A particular focus is on improved responsiveness in identifying, handling and defusing explosive objects. The ability and effectiveness of the police to act in dangerous situations shall also be strengthened. The GS Foundation will also help the Moldovan National Police implementing EU gender equality legislation.

We look forward to the cooperation.


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