The GS-Foundation Spearheads Gender-Sensitive Policing Initiative in Moldova

The GS-Foundation, in a leading role and in close partnership with Gender Associations, is proud to announce the launch of an in-depth study focusing on the working conditions within the Moldovan National Police (GPI) from a gender perspective. This initiative marks a significant stride towards embedding gender equality within Moldova’s security sector, aligning with international and European standards under the national action plan on women, peace, and security.

Our comprehensive research, underpinned by an extensive online survey engaging over a thousand police officers, detailed interviews with experts, and a thorough review of pertinent policies and legal frameworks, casts a revealing light on the GPI’s current operational landscape. Drawing on global best practices, the study aims to equip stakeholders and decision-makers within the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and GPI with practical insights for fostering a more inclusive and gender-sensitive work environment.

Despite notable progress by the GPI in promoting gender equality and improving work conditions, the research underscores several critical areas for further enhancement. In response, the GS Foundation, alongside Gender Associations, proposes targeted recommendations to advance recruitment and promotion fairness, enrich training programs with gender considerations, and bolster psychological support mechanisms.

This study, coupled with our strategic training initiatives led by the GS-Foundation, is envisioned to significantly contribute to the development of a respectful and gender-inclusive workplace culture within the Moldovan Police. These efforts are not only pivotal for internal reform but also signal Moldova’s commitment to European Union standards and values. Here you can download and read the study:

In November 2023, under the GS-Foundation’s guidance, 18 dedicated trainers were equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for implementing gender-sensitive policing across various GPI departments. This tailored training program covered essential topics such as coordinated approaches to gender-based violence, gender-responsive policing, and gender mainstreaming, employing the latest methodologies and tools that adhere to the highest international standards.

The GS-Foundation, leveraging its extensive experience and collaboration with global actors, is excited about the positive changes this initiative will bring to gender-sensitive policing in Moldova, paving the way for a more equitable and just society.


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